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StarRecordings Production

Orchestral Music Producers/ Orchestral Contractors/ Record Label

About us

Do you want to record music for a film, soundtrack, video game, computer game or commercial?

Then hire a Czech orchestra!

StarRecordings Production is a recording company that provides live orchestral recording of music for the film, television, game and sample industries. We are able to record any genre of music with any orchestral ensemble.

This recording company was founded in 2019 by Josef Vláčil, a professional violinist and member of the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Olomouc. After his experience in many commercial recordings, he decided to raise the level of this music industry. The main goal is to improve the quality of music recording and deliver best possible service to both artists and clients.

The idea behind StarRecordings Production is to ensure maximum satisfaction for clients. At the same time, the emphasis is on a first-class selection of musicians from all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

What our production will provide/guarantee:

  • complete communication and financial quote
  • sound equipment, hall rental
  • arranging and editing of scores
  • video recording, photo documentation of projects
  • post-production of the musical recording.

Recording studio

StarRecordings Production is not tied to a specific hall or recording studio. We cooperate with all concert halls in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We also record in smaller radio or private studios. We always consult all details with the client who chooses the hall according to the type of music and acoustic preferences.

Our team

Josef Vláčil

Company director and manager

Eliška Vláčilová

Production and communication

Alexey Aslamas

Main conductor

Pavel Kunčar

Sound engineer  recording director

Daniel Schulz


Photo & Video

Performance samples

Silva Screen Records

Snorre Tidemand

Video library


Audio Imperia

is a team of creatives whose vision it is to provide bespoke compositional tools that both inspire the mind and simplify the process.

Music is a beautiful thing. It is not simply sound, it carries a key to happiness and the power of escapism. It is not simply a score, but a communication that transcends language barriers, cultural differences and world views. It can hold our fondest memories of what was, but also our deepest questions about who we are, and who we one day could be.

Epic Score

is a Los Angeles-based music production company owned by Gabriel Shadid that concentrates on producing music geared towards trailers.

We have recorded our own custom choirs, orchestras, percussion and many other elements to create our unique sound. Plus, we’ve been fortunate to work with a small team of wonderfully creative people. We love this kind of music and hope that our passion comes through in our tracks.

Performance Samples

Performance Samples libraries are produced by Jasper Blunk, a self - taught composer from Northern California.

Performance Samples grew from years of iterative private orchestral/choral sample development; an exploration of how session configuration and post-production processes can nurture musical nuance within sampling.

Ian Livingstone

is a British Ivor Novello award winning composer, musician and music producer.

He has composed over 100 scores for multi-million selling titles and franchises including Battlefield, Formula 1, Lord Of The Rings, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Disney, DC & Marvel.

Silva Screen Records

The Silva Screen Music Group is a London based independent record company, which is home to one of the world’s leading film and television specialist soundtrack labels, Silva Screen Records. Founded by music devotee Reynold D’Silva in 1986, the group has a catalogue of over 800 titles and in excess of 10,000 master recordings, with offices in New York, Paris and Mumbai.


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Business address:

Kaštanová 1055/ 14

779 00, Olomouc

Czech republic

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

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